What is a Residential IP VPN?

Residential IP addresses are used by consumers in their homes and are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP)! If you are connecting to our website from your home you most likely have a Residential IP.

On the other hand, IP addresses in data centers are used for Dedicated servers or Virtualised servers. Exactly where you would expect VPN servers to be.

Some service providers like Netflix or Hulu started to filter out IP addresses originating from data centers as well.

There are some ISP-s who besides providing internet connection to consumers also have a few data centers, which makes it possible to have Residential IP addresses attached to Dedicated servers.

Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to get Residential IP-s anymore and they are more expensive as well.

There is also no guarantee which services will recognize the IP as residential. It may or may not work.

Please only use our VPN servers with Residential IP-s if you have a good use-case, like accessing certain services.
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