Do I need DDoS Protection when I connect to a VPN server?

You most likely don't need DDoS Protection when using our VPS servers, however, there could be certain niche situations where your connection could be specifically be targeted by someone.

In all of these cases, the other party has something to gain by destabilizing your connection and has direct access to your IP address.

Pro-Gamers: One issue professional gamers might face is that their opponents lags them or disconnects them from the game session by starting a DDoS attack against them. Usually, home internet connections have no DDoS Protection so this kind of VPN might be useful.

Time-based gambling websites: If you play live on an insecure gambling platform someone could get your IP address and Disconnect you from the session, whether it's Poker, Blackjack or anything else.

Forex/Crypto Traders: Trading on small or insecure Forex, Crypto, Options platforms can lead to someone learning your IP address and messing up your trades in their favor. Similar to gambling websites.
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