Use cases of a VPN

- Access to a work network while traveling. VPN's are frequently used by professionals that travel and need to access to their work network while they are away.

Hides navigation data. In case you are using a public Wi-Fi, let's say, the ones that are without password in restaurant or malls, everything you visit with no https connection, will be visible to anyone who has some knowledge. But with a VPN, they will only see the VPN connection, everything else will be anonymous.

- Enter sites with regional restrictions. Usually, some regional restrictions need you to be in EEUU. This happens with Hulu, Pandora or even the Netflix catalog which is bigger and more complete in this country. Sometimes it happens with some YouTube videos. To avoid this, you just need to set your VPN to a USA location.

- Avoid censorship on the Internet. Sometimes, governments decide to censor certain websites, a VPN can help you access those sites without a problem.

You can:

- Browse the Internet Anonymously
- Browse the Internet Securely
- Play Games Anonymously
- Reduce your Ping/Latency in Gaming
- Avoid DDOS Attacks when Playing Professionally
- Torrent Anonymously
- Basically, do anything on the Internet Anonymously and Securely
- Access Region or Network Locked Websites, Services and Games that are not Available to you by Default
- Keeping your IP the same while Travelling. This is Useful to Avoid getting your Paypal/Bank/Other accounts Compromised.
- You can Stream Anonymously
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