What is a Proxy and How it differs from a VPN

You can think of a proxy as a web filter. When browsing the internet through a proxy server, all security, speed, and option to choose geographic location are enhanced, but only when browsing the internet. A proxy server is completely browser based. Any time you are making use of a proxy server, what will be shown is its IP address, not your computer's. It makes use of two internet protocols. These are HTTP and SOCKS. A downside is that they do not provide encrypted data between your computer and the host server, and this is where VPN's comes to play because they are not simple intermediates between the user and the internet. They actually capture the entire computer.  They will capture each application of your system, so you can safely use public Wi-Fi

Just like a VPN, a Proxy lets you tunnel through a server and hide your IP. However, it is not done with an Encrypted VPN protocol instead it is based on SOCKS or HTTP/S.
This means that the traffic is not encrypted so your IP can be revealed more easily. This also means the Proxy has to be configured for each application that you want it to use it for.
So using a Proxy is tedious and unsafe in my opinion and so I don't offer it at all.
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